Sample Student Project

“She constantly tried to incorporate different ways of learning.”
– Emerson College student

In Spring 2012, I taught a research writing course for freshmen at Emerson College called Gender: Myths and Truths. For the final collaborative project, I asked my students to take their previously written work from the term – we did units on memoirs, critical reviews, and research essays – and repurpose it for a new genre: a digital zine. In each of my two sections, students were divided into writing teams, and each team was responsible for filling roughly five pages of the magazine, as well as coming up with a section title, theme and look/feel. Two students from each class took on the task of designing the layout and putting together the final product, using Adobe InDesign and the web publishing program, ISSUU.

These zines bring to life a semester’s worth of exploring gender in all its guises and also reflect my creative approach to assignment design.